There’s a fine line between boldness and over-confidence and that line is defined by the support system we have around us. For example – my 4-year-old son at the swimming pool. With each day in the pool, his confidence grows and then it happens – he literally gets in over his head.

The scene is very unique – fear that evolves quickly to panic and then desperation assumes control of every action. Without assistance, he would drown. Luckily, he had that assistance, was saved and the experience became a powerful lesson and reminder the next time he considers deep water.

In business, misunderstanding where that line exists can significantly diminish the influence and even the future viability of the dreams that started the whole trip to the pool in the first place.

Don’t fear the deep end, just be sure to bring your long-legged friends with you.

Ref::My children; Owning a business for 15+ years

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